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Meet Chef Ev

Fyrebird Chicken Los Angeles was established as a take-out restaurant on July 19, 2019.

Evan Armstrong (an Inglewood, CA. native) founded Fyrebird. Evan was 21 years old at the time of its opening. Before opening Fyrebird, Evan worked for the family business, Teach, Learn, Change Inc. (TLC). TLC is a community-based nutrition company that provides meals to under-served populations in the community. It was while working as a cook for TLC that Evan found his inspiration for the culinary arts. Evan's passion grew while attending the New School of Cooking. 

Evan's culinary vision and spirit expanded and led to the inspiration for Fyrebird Chicken Los Angeles. Since the opening of Fyrebird, Evan continues his support of the community. This is evident in the quality of the product he provides, and the individual experiences created that cater to the unique palates of the customers.

Fyrebird distinguishes itself by offering a variety of 12 "Flavas" as a part of the menu process. The menu of wings, tenders, and sandwiches are tossed in one or more "Flavas" determined by the customer's taste. The "Flavas" range from traditional to the incredibly spicy Cali Heat and enhance all of the menu offerings' taste experience. Evan often encourages customers to explore and share their unique palates by mixing the offered "Flavas,"; thereby creating new culinary experiences shared with other customers.

Evan's culinary passion and passion for serving the community have been featured in the Los Angeles Times newspaper on two occasions. It was highlighted on a local KTLA news broadcast segment and was most recently featured on the first season of Destination LA streaming on Amazon Prime.

Keep up to date on new Fyrebird Chicken Los Angeles developments and Evan's culinary creations via the Fyrebird website. You can also follow Fyrebird and Evan on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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